Asked Questions

who do you perform for?

Cirqa Brava performs for anyone who enjoys circus arts and having a fun, memorable experience! We’ve performed at gala’s across the globe, weddings, corporate functions, renaissance festivals, street shows for local communities and busker festivals. 


How long is the full show?

We are able to tailor the show's duration to your individual event. We’ve done 5 minutes with one performer all the way up to an entire 8 hour family day with over 60 performers. On average our show runs 30-45 min.


What individual acts are available?

Cirqa Brava’s acrobats are constantly training new skills and acts to rotate into the show. We also hire guest artists for larger events when more skills are desired by the client. Most often we provide aerial fabric, aerial hoop, contortion, and comedic audience participation stunts. In the past we’ve featured rope-walkers, whip-crackers, jugglers, fire-eaters and more. 


Where can you perform?

The show can be performed indoors or out, day or night, on or off stage. 

What about rigging?

We rig on one of our 3 freestanding aerial rigs ranging from 12ft-30ft in height. More details can be given upon request. 


No room for a rig?

 No problem! We can provide a rigger to examine the existing building or an arborist to certify your trees. We are also able to provide individual ground acts for events that do not require rigging. 


Do you really perform in snow?

Yes! We have performed in snow! We are able to perform in most weather conditions. Exceptions are sleet, golfball sized hail, winds over 25mph, temperatures below 20 degrees(F) and above 110(F), lighting storms, and sharknados.


Will you go on a date with me?

Next question. 


Are you insured?

Each performer is privately insured. We can provide a certificate of additionally insured for the venue upon request. 


Are you a family?

Nope, just really good friends!


Anything else we should know?

Upon request we can provide our own staging, lighting, flooring, sound equipment, and safety perimeter. Also, Jen is terrified of spiders.

Cirqa Brava