Cirqa Brava

More than just

hot chicks doing stuff... 

"When you think of acrobats on aerial silks,

you probably think of graceful women performing breathtaking feats of strength and skill high above the ground. If you go see Cirqa Brava you will certainly see all of that. 


Be prepared for plenty more - like a mind boggling contortionist act, audience participation,  bawdy repartee and innuendo delivered with a wink and a grin."

- Dallas Voice 

Cirqa Brava’s high-flying acrobats have mesmerized and delighted audiences from Key-west to Kuwait.

The 15 - 45 min show, which features a variety of acts including -but not limited to- contortion, duo lyra, aerial fabric, and audience participation blends razor-sharp comedy with breathtaking beauty for a one-of-a-kind spectacle. 

Each performer is privately insured, more information available on our FAQ page. 


These ladies’ antics will turn your

world upside down, inside out,

and leave you tangled

in laughter!

Cirqa Brava